what is jorp?

Jorp is a simple, web-based project management system. It allows you to keep track of projects, tasks, clients, and users through an easy-to-navigate web interface.

Jorp is PHP & MySQL based. It is platform independent and will run on any web server so long as it is running PHP and can access a MySQL database.

Please e-mail me about any bugs, suggestions, questions, etc. and check out Jorp on SourceForge!

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Download download

Or check out the latest codebase from Subversion. :) This will be updated more frequently.

svn co https://jorp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jorp/


Try it out. :) The demo is available at http://jorp.short-stack.net/demo. To log in, the following accounts are available:

Username: Administrator
Password: password

Username: Manager
Password: password

Username: Developer
Password: password

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